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Street Trees

In 2020, the City amended City Codes requiring new developments to plant street trees. Street trees are planted between the edge of the street pavement or curb and the adjacent private property line.

Getting Started

Street trees for new developments will be reviewed within the building permit submittal for the development. If you wish to plant a street tree in front of an existing development, please obtain a Right-of-Way Permit.

All street trees planted within the City must be selected off the Approved Street Tree Species List provided by the Community Development Department. City Staff may administratively review additional tree species for appropriateness. If you have questions about the approved species list, please email [email protected].

Street Trees

Street Tree Requirements

Street trees are an option for existing residential subdivisions, and are required for any new residential development. City Staff can advise you if you have questions about whether or not a street tree is required.

Single-family residential development:

  • (1) street tree per forty (40) feet, or portion thereof, of public or private street frontage.
  • One (1) additional street tree is required per dwelling unit.

All other developments:

  • (1) street tree per forty (40) feet, or portion thereof, of public or private street frontage.
  • Sixteen (16) trees are required per acre of usable open space.

Shawnee restricts planting in some areas of the right-of-way to protect utilities, infrastructure, and sight distances. Please review Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 17.57 "Landscaping" and Policy Statement 52 for additional information.

Street Trees

Maintenance of Street Trees

Adjacent property owners will be required to maintain the trees in the public right-of-way. 

Street Trees

Benefits of Street Trees
  • Enhance neighborhood livability, aesthetics, and quality of life
  • Boost real estate values $5,000 to $10,000 with large trees in yards
  • Increase the walkability of streets
  • Reduce particulate matter and ground level ozone, improving air quality
  • Improve water quality and reduce flood risks by increasing the infiltration of stormwater
  • Create habitats for wildlife
  • Conserve energy by reducing urban heat islands
  • Sequester carbon, helping to mitigate climate change

Street Trees

Implementing a street tree policy is a key sustainability initiative. One of the City’s primary goals is to support and promote opportunities to experience and foster a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly community. To see a complete list of the Sustainable Shawnee programs, please click here.

Street Trees