Property Check

Are you planning a vacation? Would you enjoy the trip more if you knew police officers are checking your home? In a continued effort to better serve Shawnee's more than 66,000 residents, the Police Department has established On-Line Property Check requests.

This is the program commonly known as House Watch where an officer will stop by to check your residence or business, either visually as they drive by or else physically by walking around the perimeter and checking doors and windows. To begin this service, fill out and submit our on-line form. As calls for service allow, the district officer will check your home. Should the need arise, we will have the information available to contact you or another responsible party.

E-Mail Privacy: If you fill out a form that enables any type of service, the information you supply may be used in processing your request, and may be collected for inclusion in databases or directories, to be used for internal purposes only. This information will not be sold, rented, or voluntarily supplied to any agency, commercial or private, unless required by law.