City of Shawnee

Development and Zoning

Zoning Requirements

When starting a business or development, one of the first steps is to check for Zoning Restrictions. Please make sure the type of business or development is located in an approved area of the City. Other factors to consider include regulations on business signage and parking. The Community Development Department will be able to provide you with this information and can be reached at (913) 742-6011.

Regulations pertaining to development, including land use, zoning, site plans, and special use permits are contained in the Subdivision Ordinance (Shawnee Municipal Code Title 16), the Zoning Ordinance (Shawnee Municipal Code Title 17), and the Shawnee Development Guide. 

Application & Development Guide
The City of Shawnee Development Guide provides information about the approval processes and application submittal requirements for development projects which require approval from the Planning Commission and/or the City Council. 

The Development Guide includes information about the development process, Planning application types and application submittal requirements, application fees, application submittal schedules, public noticing requirements, development fees, and additional development-related resources. 

If you have questions about this guide, please contact the Planning Division of the Community Development Department at [email protected] or 913-742-6011. 
Development Fees

The City's development fees are located within Shawnee Policy Statement 56 (PS-56). Fees are subject to change and are amended from time to time. Application fees are paid at the time of application via the CitizenServe Portal.

Excise Tax
Certain developments are subject to the provisions of Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 12.26, which pertains to the City’s Excise Tax on new subdivision plats. Excise Tax must be paid prior to obtaining the Mayor’s signature on the Plat. The current rate is $0.215 per SF of lot area.

Open Space Fees
Certain developments are subject to the provisions of Shawnee Municipal Code 12.14 (Park and Recreational Land Use Fund). The Open Space Fee must be paid prior to the issuance of a Building Permit. 
The current rates are: 
$0.04 per SF of lot area for lots zoned for a commercial use

$0.025 per SF of lot area for lots zoned for an industrial use

$400 per dwelling unit for lots zoned for residential use

Benefit District Assessments
Certain developments are subject to Benefit District Assessments. Contact the Planning Division at [email protected] to see if your property is within a Benefit District with an outstanding balance.

Stormwater Detention Fees
If a development is not required to have stormwater detention then the following fees must be paid prior to the issuance of a Building Permit:
Single-Family and Duplex Lots - 350.00 per lot
All Other Lot Types - $7,000.00 per impervious acre (prorated by acre)

Other Fees
This development is also subject to any applicable permit fees, County Recording fees, utility connection fees, etc. This is not a comprehensive list of applicable fees and this list is only intended to make the Applicant aware of potential fees.

Application Submittal Schedules
2024 Planning Commission submittal schedule

2024 Board of Zoning Appeals submittal schedule

Pre-Application meetings are required prior to submittal of any development or Variance application. Contact to the Planning Division to schedule a meeting, [email protected] or 913-742-6011.
Special Event Permits
The term "special event" means a temporary, short term use of land or structures, not otherwise included as a permitted or accessory use by the zoning regulations.

A Special Event Permit is to provide for the temporary use of land for special events that are consistent with its normal use and beneficial to the general welfare of the public. The City of Shawnee has three classifications of special events, Types 1-3. Permits are required for all types. 

Special Event Permit Guide

Municipal Code Chapter 17.67, Special Events
Zoning Protest Petition Information
It is the duty of any person who desires to file a Zoning Protest Petition to become informed, research the law applicable to the filing of a Protest Petition, and understand the law applicable to the proceedings and required procedure to file a Protest Petition. The City of Shawnee is unable to provide legal advice.

Please see the Protest Petition Handout for additional information and resources.