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The Community Development Department provides staff assistance to the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Staff is responsible for reviewing, updating, and initiating proposals to carry out the Comprehensive Plan, as well as preparing general planning and subdivision ordinances. Other duties include administering City ordinances pertaining to zoning, subdivision activities and the sign code. The department also reviews site plans, prepares City maps, administers Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects, and prepares special reports detailing demographic trends and development patterns in the City.

Considering a refresh or renovation to your commercial or multi-family building?
The City encourages businesses and property owners to invest in their buildings by making attractive improvements to building exteriors. The appearance of our community plays a vital role in the perception of the quality of our community, attracts residents and customers, and contributes to the enhanced viability of the community. 

If you are considering making improvements to the exterior of your building and/or site whether commercial, industrial, or multi-family, specific zoning requirements and design guidelines may apply.

New construction, redevelopment, and other exterior building improvements generally considered to be more than maintenance must comply with the City's building design standards and will likely require administrative or Planning Commission review and approval. 

So, what is typically considered to be maintenance? Here are some examples:
  • Painting building surfaces that are already painted AND using the same paint color, i.e., repairing chipping or peeling paint.
  • Roof repair.
  • In-kind replacement or repair of doors and windows.
  • Tuck-pointing brick or other masonry.
  • In-kind in both color and material replacement or repair of trim, coping, stucco, siding, stonework, or other fascia treatments.
  • Repair, replacement, or relatively limited new exterior lighting. (New lighting should be directed away from residential properties and sources of light should be hooded or controlled.)
  • Crack sealing, spot patching or oil covering parking lots and subsequent re-stripping of parking spaces. 
  • Repair of trash enclosures, equipment screening, and fencing.
  • In-kind replacement or improved landscaping.
  • Sidewalk repairs.
  • Repair of exterior mechanical units (e.g., HVAC units), and replacement of such units if in the same location and general size. 
If you don't see improvements you're considering on this list, then contact the Planning Division to discuss your project in more detail at (913) 742-6011.

For more information about the City's design standards, click the links found on the right side of this screen. 

If new signs are included in your project, a sign permit may be required.

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