City of Shawnee

Annual Budget Process

The City’s budget is the biggest policy decision the Governing Body dictates.
Kansas cities budgets follow the calendar year budget cycle - January 1 through December 31.
Below is a general outline of the annual budget cycle:

 May 14

Governing Body Budget Retreat

  • Budget process review and calendar
  • State law review/(RNR) timing
  • Detailed budget overview that is currently online
  • Budget in Brief overview
  • CIP overview: Process, projects, etc.
  • Parks, Pipes and Pavement sales tax overview
  • Stormwater Utility Rate update and discussion
  • ARPA funds discussion
 May 23 

Council Committee

  • Budget 101
  • Revenue Overview
 June 13  

Council Committee

  • Chamber of Commerce: Economic Development Council and Visit Shawnee update
  • Midland Drive update
  • Revenue estimates
June 20  

Special Call Council Committee

  • Propose Capital Improvement Program
  • Special Revenue Funds
June 27  

Council Committee

  • Department Budgets
  • Revenue Neutral Rate discussion
July 11  

Council Committee

  • Big picture review
  • Budget wrap-up
July 11  

City Council Meeting

  • Revenue Neutral Rate Resolution
  • Adopt Capital Improvement Program

Budget Open House

August 22  

City Council Meeting

  • Establish budget limit
  • Set notice for public hearings
September 12    

City Council Meeting

  • Hold Revenue Neutral Rate Public Hearing
  • Hold Public Budget Hearings
  • Adopt 2022 Revised and 2023 Budgets