City of Shawnee


When do I need a Building Permit?
Any structural changes or additions, electrical upgrades, demolitions, swimming pools and hot tubs require permits. Cosmetic interior remodeling, such as replacement of cabinets, doors, windows, carpeting, and plumbing fixtures, etc. do not require a permit.
Do I have to get a permit to re-roof my house?
A permit is required only if the sheathing needs to be added to or replaced.
Do I need a permit to build a shed?
A permit is required for any accessory building over 120 square feet (10' x 12'). Only one accessory building is allowed per residential lot.
Can I put up a fence without a permit?
The City does not require a permit for fences 6' or less. 6' fences are allowed in the rear yard and 4-1/2' solid fences are allowed in the front yard. There are very specific requirements for corner lots or lots with two frontages. All fences must be within the property boundaries. The finished side of any fence must face towards your neighbors.