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Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation

The Shawnee Police Department in partnership with the Olathe Police Department is proud to present, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation, from April 27 - May 8, 2020. The class will be held at the Shawnee Justice Center, located at 5850 Renner Road, Shawnee, Kansas. Class fee is $295 and is limited to 20 students. Registration for this class is primarily for Law Enforcement officials only. For further information, contact Traffic Safety Unit Sergeant Nick Shurmantine at (913) 742-6782.

This course is designed to take the Police Officer beyond the basics of accident investigation. This is a technical accident investigation course and attendees should attend with a strong knowledge of basic accident investigation.

Attendees will learn and apply basic principles of physics and mathematical equations to determine the drag factor of a surface and to estimate vehicle speed from skid marks and scuff marks.

The proper procedures for measuring, scale diagramming and recording physical evidence and facts available only at the crash scene will be taught.

Attendees will be given techniques for preserving evidence, interviewing drivers and preparing the case. 
Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will have developed the competence and skills needed to conduct an in-depth traffic crash investigation.

Kansas officers are eligible to receive 80 hours of in-service training certification through KLETC.

Missouri officers will receive 80 hours POST continuing education in the technical core curricula area. 

Oklahoma officers will receive 80 hours POST continuing education in the technical core curricula area.

Learn the skills needed to go beyond the basics of accident investigation.

Topics Include:
  • Mathematical Review
  • Roadway Physical Evidence
  • Vehicle Physical Evidence
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Motion
  • Speed Estimates from skid marks, scuff marks and airborne
  • Time, Distance and Motion
  • Scale Diagramming
  • Vehicle Lamp Examination
  • Pedestrian Collision Investigation
  • Crash Photography
  • Search Warrants
  • Motorcycle Crash Investigation
  • Basic Concepts of Conservation of Linear Momentum to prepare the Attendee for Further Training in Traffic Crash
About the Course:

The attendee should have basic knowledge about traffic accident investigation and a desire to advance those skills. The course will include classroom lecture as well as outdoor controlled experiments with vehicle test skids, to scale diagramming, and staged crashes to reinforce understanding of the technical concepts employed in traffic crash investigation. This type of class fulfills the prerequisite for accident reconstruction.

In addition, several student projects will be completed to display those skills learned in the classroom. The projects will include:

  • scale diagrams
  • time, distance problems
  • pedestrian & motorcycle crashes
  • airborne 

Attendees will receive a scientific calculator, template, protractor, formula handbook, necessary study materials and daily refreshments.

*Please bring a laptop that can handle a thumb drive and power point.

About the Instructors:
The course will be taught by current and former members of the Shawnee and Olathe Police Department’s Traffic Unit. They include officers trained and experienced in Traffic Crash Reconstruction and continuing education/conferences.
Comments from Past Course Attendees:
"Each new formula building on the last. Did not feel confused at all."

" I felt all the instructors were willing to go above and beyond to help those who didn't understand the work."

"I have been to this type of course before and the instructors here were much better at explaining things and very helpful."

" I think you have an excellent training course and as a supervisor I would like to send all officers through your training!!"

“One of the top classes I have been to in 18 years of law enforcement.”

“Material was taught in a fashion that progressed well and easy to understand.”

“This has been a great contribution to area agencies, very useful.”