City of Shawnee

Projects Impacting Midland Drive

The Kansas Department of Transportation is conducting a long-term project at I-435 and Midland Drive. Access to Midland will be reduced during this time. The project is broken into three parts. If you have additional questions, contact KDot at (913) 764-0987.
Phase 1 - July 2024 thru December 2024
Midland Drive is now closed under I-435.

KDOT is in the process of constructing a traffic crossover south of Midland Drive to divert northbound traffic to the southbound lanes. Once this is complete, KDOT will begin work on the northbound bridge which is expected to last through December 2024.

During this phase of construction, the two lanes of northbound traffic will be carried over to the southbound lanes. The southbound traffic will flow down and up the on/off ramp at Midland Drive. 

Construction of the box (stormwater) culvert east of Midland Drive will occur during this phase as well. The work is planned to begin in September-October 2024. 
Phase 2 - December 2024 thru March 2025
The project will pause through the winter from December 2024 to March 2025. Traffic flow will return to normal during this time. 
Phase 3 - March 2025 thru November 2025
Construction on the southbound bridge will begin in March 2025 and last until the completion of the project, estimated for November 2025. Midland Drive will again be closed during construction.

The southbound bridge construction will mirror the process used for the northbound bridge. Southbound traffic lanes will be diverted to the northbound lanes with northbound traffic moved to the on/off ramp at Midland Drive. 

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