City of Shawnee

Stormwater Management Requirements

The City Council adopted two ordinances which will affect the development requirements for new development.

These changes will fulfill the City’s compliance activity objectives to meet the regulatory requirements of the City’s State of Kansas Water Pollution Control Permit (EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II requirements) effective 2003.

In order to improve the organization of the Shawnee Municipal Code (SMC) related to Stormwater Management, the City Council also created a Stormwater Management Program Title 11 that combines four existing Chapters, adds two new Chapters and consolidate definitions and compliance regulations.

Private Detention Facility Inspection & Certification
During the last two years the City of Shawnee’s Stormwater Management Program has worked towards implementing a detention maintenance program by inventorying and contacting the owners of detention basins and working with them to comply with the City’s detention basin ordinance to provide maintenance, (SMC 11.24.130 Facility Maintenance) and to provide certification, (SMC 11.24.140 - Certifications). Since the ordinance was created, periodic inspections and certifications have not been required, except when some maintenance issues made it necessary. The value of properly maintaining detention basins extends far beyond each individual subdivision; a properly maintained detention basin helps to provide the improved downstream flood protection it was designed for. A detention basin is usually a small dry pond area located on a property to help hold back stormwater run-off.

These certifications will be due on October 1 annually. Letters will be mailed out reminding of the certification due later in the year.
Land Disturbance Permits (Erosion and Sediment Control)

The Land Disturbance Activity ordinance more comprehensively addresses sediment and erosion control issues throughout the City and requires a greater amount of plan review, inspection, and enforcement effort by the City.

Questions, contact Building Codes Division at (913) 742-6010.

Water Quality and Stormwater Treatment Facilities
The Stormwater Treatment Ordinance requires the construction and on-going maintenance of Stormwater Treatment Facilities (STF). Stormwater Treatment Facilities are used to both control and treat stormwater run-off before it enters the City’s stormwater drainage system. Most new development and redevelopment projects within the City will require the construction of these facilities as part of Planning Commission approval for the project.

These structures will require an annual maintenance review conducted by an engineer or landscape architect licensed in the state of Kansas (SMC 11.16.160 – Annual Certification). This recertification process needs to be completed by October 1 annually. Letters will be mailed out to remind of this process and helpful checklists will be provided. Additional copies of this checklist can be obtained below.